MGR Guns offer a comprehensive range of maintenance services with most being carried out on the premises whilst you wait. Whether you are a shooting professional or an enthusiast, MGR Guns will always provide you with expert advice and a swift service while maintaining a high level of customer care.


Gun Servicing

All firearms should be cleaned after using them, however they should also be serviced periodically too so that they can undergo a deeper clean to remove any foreign materials that may be present or any build up of projectiles, both of which will prevent the firearm from working correctly.


Here at MGR Guns we can service any firearm whether it needs to be partially or fully disassembled in order to clean it properly. It will then be reassembled after being lubricated properly to avoid any future malfunctions and reduce the chances of any mechanical wear, prolonging the life of the gun.


Gun Repairs

MGR Guns carry out several general repairs to the majority of firearms available, whether it may be the replacement of broken or worn parts including:

  • Barrel Work (Jointing, Tightening etc)
  • Adjust and Regulate Trigger Pulls
  • Springs (main, top lever or ejector)
  • Firing Pins/Strikers
  • Hammers
  • Sears
  • Safety Mechanisms
  • Ejectors (Replacemnt or Timing)


Dive Bottle Refills / Pre Charged Air Rifle Refills
We are one of the few places around Lincolnshire that offer Dive bottle refills and we are able to refill from a 3 litre to a 15 litre in both 232 and 300 bar. Alternatively if you do not require such regular refills, we do offer the facility in house too to refill any pre charged air rifles whilst you wait.


Gun Chronographing

A Gun chronograph is an instrument which measures the velocity of the projectile fired by a gun and allows us to determine whether there is a loss of power on a rifle or to make sure that certain air rifles are below a certain pressure for legal reasons. We have this facility in the shop and can do this whilst you wait on all air guns, however shotguns and rifles must be booked in prior you coming.


If you would like to get in touch with us to discuss any of the services that we provide or to arrange an appointment with ourselves, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime on 01526 351 750 or by using our contact form.